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kilim Furniture

kilim Furniture

Welcome to Hizhali Rug Store…

We are based in Istanbul , producer and manufacture of kilim furniture .Kilims we use for upholstering furniture are all hand-woven with traditional techniques, locally sourced.
Therefore it can not be mass production , all design is different artistic works.

The vast majority of our furniture design is an idea from European Antique. Some is like Victorian style, the other is like Rococo style. And also we are trying to make new models for modern home decoration.
The furniture of these traditional style , by combining the hand-woven kilims that nomads of Anatolia have inherited , it can be the original furniture of the only one in the world.

All Pillow,Kilim and Furnitures are my very own production and we take great pride in finding the highest and best quality kilims in Turkey with our finest craftsmen to construct my designs made in Istanbul Turkey.

We are the third generation in Istanbul, running an Antique Tribal Rug business. As it is acknowledged by many, Istanbul plays a special role for the Tribal Antique Rugs & Kilims.
Many dealers and collectors source highly valuable rugs from Istanbul. It acts as a major advantage for our business to be located in Istanbul.

We have a very large inventory in istanbul. PLEASE CONTAC US FOR Wholesaler.

You are always invited to drink a cup of tea or coffee. Please feel free to contact us.

We have show room and branch Office in Tx. Huston & Atlanta.

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